Yahadut- Zachary Isaacson

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Zachary Isaacson

Yahadut – What I Will Do Differently in My Life Because I Am a Jew

            I certainly do things differently in my life because I am a Jew. For starters, I have written this essay, something I most definitely would not have done had I not been a Jew. I write this essay because I am in a Hebrew High School program, a program I attend because I identify as a Jew. But the effect of being Jewish on my life cuts deeper than just attending religious school each Monday and goes deeper still than occasionally going to Shabbat services. All the Jewish activities I have described thus far, religious school and Shabbat services, leave a Jewish impact on my life and effect what I do Jewishly. I do not really go to Hebrew High School because I am Jewish, but rather because I wish to learn about Judaism and I want to know what impact being Jewish can have on my life.

            Because I am Jewish, I will donate more of my time to charitable organizations. Judaism has taught me the importance of donating my time to help those in need. I do not learn about charities and helping people in need in public school. It is a topic that is only brought to my attention at religious school. My experience in Hebrew School goes beyond just discussing charitable organizations. The discussions and topics in Hebrew High School are much more eye opening and fulfilling than lessons in public school. The Rabbi mentions from time to time how, “I can say things that your public school teachers are not allowed to say.” This leads to much more truthful and intelligent discussion and allows us to discuss topics that may be overlooked in public school, such as this year we are discussing ethics. I find this class and the Jewish teachings on morality to be very fascinating and I am happy to be exposed Jewishly to something I would not have been exposed to otherwise. I have become and will continue to be a better person with stronger ethics because of my Jewish identity.

            I enjoy going to services, and that is something I will be continuing throughout my life. I find going to Jewish services to be spiritually fulfilling. Services are amazing rituals of positivity, in which the congregation prays for positive things. It is enjoyable to feel that amount of good energy. Because I am Jewish I will be a happier person. Going to all of these events and doing all of these activities has introduced me to many Jewish friends who I have come to enjoy spending time with. I am more sociable and happy because I am a Jew. I plan to continue going to Jewish gatherings to meet new people and enjoy time with old friends. My life is greatly improved by being a Jew and by all the things I do Jewishly.