Yahadut – What I Will Do Differently Because I Am a Jew by Sarah Richman


Judaism affects my life everywhere I go; it affects what I do when I am at home and when I am out in public. I will do things that make me different from the other religions and make me Jewish, for instance I will keep kosher by not eating shellfish or pork, this makes me feel closer to God. I keep Kosher in both my house and in public, whether I am with friends or with family.  . Another thing that I will do that makes me Jewish is I will keep Shabbat. Every Friday night my entire family will sit down at the dining room table and eat together. We will say blessings over the candles, wine and, the challah in Hebrew and then in English. Most of the times we will also go to Temple to pray and sing with the other people in the congregation. On Friday nights I will not drive or go out, and my family will stay at home and have a movie night. Each Friday we will pick a movie that we have never seen or have not seen in a while, then we will all sit down and watch it together. I will raise my children Jewish and send them to Hebrew school and until they become bar or bat Mitzvah. Then, I will hope that they want to continue until they are confirmed like I was. My children will be brought up Jewish because, with the more people not raising their children with a religion, Judaism is slowly dying out and I want to help the number of Jewish children raise. I will cook Jewish food that I have always loved when growing up for my children so I can help make holidays like Purim and Hanukah better and more enjoyable with the treats that go along with it. I will always give tzedakah to charities that I think are trustful and help the Jewish people and the world. I will volunteer at a soup kitchen with my children and husband like I did when I was growing up, this is because I love helping people less fortunate than me any way possible, and I hope I can pass that down to my children will learn and love to do the same. Throughout all of the Jews’ history there have been many struggles but the Jewish people have always survived and stayed strong. I want my children to be able to look back on Jewish history and be proud of what our ancestors have done and accomplished.