Yahadut- Diana Bergin

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Diana Bergrin

Yahadut – What I Will Do Differently in My Life Because I Am a Jew

What would I do differently in my life because I’m a Jew? I really had to think on this question because I’ve been a Jew my whole life and hadn’t thought about anything different. Over the past few weeks, I’ve decided that the things in my life at are impacted or changed because I’m a Jew are school, family, and future family.

Firstly, the question of my sophomore year of high school is “Where do you want to go to college?” Well, my answer is always that I don’t know. Since I’m Jewish, my college hunting experience will be different than others because I would like to go to a college that already has a Jewish community. My mother also agrees and told me to look for Hillels in the areas in or around campus for college. I feel that I would feel better in an area that shares the same beliefs as I do.

Secondly, I know that my family will influence my life differently since we’re Jewish. I know that I will celebrate different holidays and traditions than others. Also, in the future I know that some of those traditions will end up with me in a food coma surrounded by loud family members. The foods, games, and traditions are what I do differently because I’m Jewish. I’m a typical bagel and lox girl and without my upbringing, I don’t think I would have acquired that taste.

Finally, I know my future relationships will be different because of the fact that I’m Jewish. I know I won’t purposefully seek out a Jewish boyfriend, but I would prefer it that way. It would be easier because religion is only second to money for one of the main causes of divorce. It would also help families to get along as well.

All in all, I think the changes I would make in life because of the fact that I’m Jewish aren’t that bad of changes. My future school, family, and traditions helped in shaping who I am today and I’m willing to change my future in life to keep it that way.