World Zionist Congress Elections 2020

World Zionist Congress Elections are starting on January 21st , and your votes are critical to maintaining a large Reform presence. The election is our chance to have the Reform Movement’s voice and priorities heard in Israel. It’s a powerful way to combat the discrimination the Reform Movement faces from the Israeli government.    The Government of Israel allocates nearly 4 billion NIS ($1.16 billion)  a year to Orthodox and Haredi institutions (with only 10 Million NIS – $3 million  to non-Orthodox streams) who then block support of the pluralistic streams. The World Zionist Congress elections enable us to provide support for creating pluralistic and Reform programs with real financial impact that has allowed our movement to grow despite the stumbling blocks placed before us.   The results of the election also influence the decisions and leadership of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), which allocates money for land purchases throughout Israel. With representation at the WZO, we are better able to ensure that JNF investments reflect our Reform Jewish values. With a large showing in the WZC elections, we can also make sure that public and philanthropic funds are used within Israel properly.

Here is a full article about the election.

Here is the link to the instructions for use with a PC, Tablet, or smart phone (we will also have a PC available at the TRT).

And here is a link directly to the Registration & Voting Website

Copies of the full article and voting instructions are also shown below.

Step by Step Voting Instructions Vote Reform


The World Zionist Congress Elections 2020 letter v2 1-16-20