100% Voting Congregation Plan

The November election is crucial! It is our right and obligation to vote and to vote our Jewish values.  As part of Every Voice, Every Vote: The Reform Movement’s 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign, we have committed TRT to be a 100% Voting Congregation.  Studies show that if we make a plan to vote, we will voteWe are asking every member of voting age to sign a virtual pledge which can be found at https://trt.org/pledge 

For more information about how to vote in NJ this year, watch Safeguarding Our Votes – a Zoom training run by RAC-NJ for TRT on NJ-specific voting for the November election.  The training took place on Tuesday, October 6th @ 7:30 pm. Click here to view the recording of the session and here is a copy of the slides.

You can return your ballot in one of 4 ways:

  • Drop in a Mailbox no later than November 3, postage is prepaid
  • Drop in a secure drop box, conveniently located throughout the county. You can find drop box locations here. https://www.monmouthcountyvotes.com/vote-by-mail-drop-box-locations
  • Return in person to the County Board of Elections, located at 300 Halls Mills Road, Freehold.
  • Drop off on Election Day at your regular polling place.
    only voters requiring an ADA accessible voting device will be permitted to vote on a machine on Election Day. If you show up at the poll to vote in person, you will be given a  paper provisional ballot. 

You can track your ballot after it is returned here.https://monmouthcounty.ballottrax.net/voter/

If you have any questions or problems, contact  Monmouth County Board of Elections https://www.monmouthcountyvotes.com/contact/contact-us/ or TRT members Brion Feinberg at brionf@trt.org or Jen Levin at jenlevin27@yahoo.com

If you are interested to volunteer for additional election protection activities: