TRT 2020 Congregational Mtg

The Annual Meeting of the TRT congregation will be held on Monday, June 22, 2020 from 7:30pm – 8:00 PM.  The meeting will be conducted using Zoom via this link: 

At this meeting, three agenda items will be discussed and votes taken

If possible, please submit any questions prior to the meeting to

Please vote on these three items here: Congregational Vote 2020 (voting will be available for 24 hours starting 7:30pm June 22)

By-law Changes.


The proposed amendment to Article VIII – Clergy/Educator streamlines the search process for clergy persons and facilitates efficient decision-making.  It does so by no longer expressly requiring a set number of committee members, and instead provides flexibility to appoint a team of appropriate size that is composed of appropriate stakeholders in our community.  Additionally, only the position of Rabbi will now expressly require a congregational vote.  While the decision to hire, retain, or terminate an individual to fill the position of Cantor or Educator will no longer require a congregational vote, congregational engagement and participation in this process is encouraged and appreciated, and will be given full consideration. All hiring, retention, and termination decisions associated with these positions require Board approval.

See the actual proposed changes here: Bylaw Changes

Budget for 2020-2021

Budget synopsis::

There were additional cuts in the temple’s budget in the fiscal year of 2020-2021.

On the revenue side, we took into consideration the impact of COVID-19 and change of clergy, which resulted in a projection of $90K lower income. 

On the expenses side we lowered costs by close to $80K from the following: Clergy salary reduction, incorporating efficiencies in building operations, change of High Holidays venue due to COVID-19, office expense reductions due to salary adjustments and the adoption of a credit card convenience fee.

Budget File

Board Slate

Proposed Board Slate 2020-2021

Officers (elected by Board of Directors at board meeting following congregational meeting)

  • President – Tmima Grinvald
  • Vice President – Jennifer Herzog
  • Vice President – Andrea Kazin
  • Vice President – Dan Schleifstein
  • Treasurer – Lee Adasko
  • Financial Secretary – Denise Swartz
  • Recording Secretary – Heather Miliote
  • Corresponding Secretary – Carol Shangold
  • Past President – Robbin Manne

Directors up for election (election by congregation at annual meeting)

  • Brooke Baron
  • Juli Blumenthal
  • Liz Feldman
  • Tmima Grinvald
  • Jennifer Levin
  • Yang Lu
  • Dan Schleifstein
  • Carol Shangold
  • Marge Stevens
  • Denise Swartz

Directors not up for election

  • Lee Adasko
  • Mort Blumenthal
  • Ellie Golden
  • Jennifer Herzog
  • Ron Hiller
  • Laurie Kaufman
  • Andrea Kazin
  • Heather Milliote
  • Joel Schleifstein
  • Jeff Weiss