Seabright Rising Sponsorship

CONGRATULATIONS:  We helped the Pierce family move back in to their repaired house.

But the work goes one.  Please visit Sea Bright Rising to donate your time or money to other families still suffering from the impacts of Hurricane Sandy.



Sometimes the closest we come to disaster are images in the media.  Other times, those crises are close enough to personally touch our lives.  


Sometimes our response is to send money, or raise awareness, or in exceptional cases, travel to New Orleans or Alabama or Haiti to put our hands and hearts to work.  Other times, it is us who need help – fixing broken windows, removing debris, surviving with power for days.  

Disaster came close enough to touch our homes with Superstorm Sandy, but thankfully, Western Monmouth County was reasonable to repair.  Normalcy resumed rather quickly and we were fortunate, some would say.  In the immediate aftermath, the response was astonishing.  We volunteered, we helped our neighbors, we donated money and goods.  


Nearly two years later, families in our home county are still displaced from their Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes.  Eighteen miles from Temple Rodeph Torah, Sea Bright still shows the clear signs of disaster.  Sea Bright Rising is a nonprofit based in Monmouth County, committed to rebuild hundreds of homes.  These are our neighbors.

Together with AmeriCorps, insights and guidance from the St. Bernard Project , and local partners like TRT…


Temple Rodeph Torah is proud to adopt the Pierce family – victims of Superstorm Sandy – via the Seabright Rising program.

Please read Rabbi Weber’s letter about this project.

Learn more about the PIERCE FAMILYand their situation or Donate Online

Help us bring the Pierce family home!


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