Purim Project

Mishloach Manot Program

Purim is just around the corner! This year it begins Wednesday evening, February 28, 2018.

On Purim, we commemorate the heroism of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai who saved the Jewish people from destruction.  To celebrate this joyous holiday, it is customary to perform the special mitzvah of sending gifts of food to friends and family called Mishloach Manot.

The Temple Rodeph Torah Men’s Club and Sisterhood have found a fun way to help you fulfill this mitzvah, surprise old friends, and connect with other Temple members you perhaps don’t know as well.

For a very modest cost, we will prepare a beautiful package of Purim goodies, attached to which will be a list of all the families that contributed towards it.


How to participate:

On February 5, we sent a special email to all Temple Members inviting you to participate. This email included a special link to a personalized page. Click that link, and you’ll be able to make your selections. If you didn’t receive your email, please contact purimbaskets@trt.org

You can select the names of the families to whom you’d like to send greetings.

If you’d like to send greetings to everyone for a total of $500, click on the box next to Name when All Members are shown so all names will be selected.


  • $18 First basket
  • $3 each additional basket
  • $500 baskets for every member

Click on Checkout to pay by credit card via secure link or by check. 

If you are paying by check, please make your check payable to Temple Rodeph Torah, and mail it to:

Temple Rodeph Torah
Mishloach Manot Project
PO Box 125
Marlboro, NJ 07746

Credit cards are the preferred method of payment. You will not be charged a service fee. 

You can order boxes for friends and family who are not Temple members. These boxes need to be picked up at Temple Rodeph Torah and are $18 each. 

The deadline to place your order is Sunday, February 18.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mishloach Manot?

Mishloach Manot (literally “sending of portions”) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mishloach_manot

How many baskets will each family receive?

Each family will receive one basket along with a list of all the families that contributed towards it.

When is the order deadline?

All selections must be completed by Sunday, February 18.

What Will You Receive?

Each participating family will receive ONE Mishloach Manot gift basket.  All gift baskets will be the same. A card will be attached that lists families who have sent you Purim greetings.

How do I get my basket?

Baskets will be available for pickup at the Purim Carnival on February 25 or at the Purim Shpiel on February 28. Baskets not picked up will be delivered. If you can assist with delivery, that’s fabulous, please contact: purimbaskets@trt.org