L’dor VaDor

Generation to Generation



L’dor VaDor – Generation to Generation

The future of Temple Rodeph Torah, and a new brand of Reform Judaism in central New Jersey, starts here. 

The Challenge

Our congregation is 37 years old. We are experiencing similar attrition rates to other religious organizations and we have an aging population that are paying lower dues. The current generation of young families aren’t affiliating at previous rates and if they do, it’s not until their children enter school for b’nai mitzvah.  Over the past few years, we’ve trimmed our budget by $100K, lowering it to $822K annually (and another $50K reduction for 2020) while providing nearly the same level of services to our congregation. However, our revenues continue to lag our expenses.  By continually reducing operating expenses, that simply delays the inevitable. Without changing who we are, we’ll have to turn the lights off at TRT and much of Reform Judaism faces similar challenges.

The Plan

We plan to change the situation, and you can help us make that change. We want to build and prepare for this current and next generation. We want to restructure how we handle Jewish education and enhance our overall Jewish experience. We need to focus our energy on these two premises, and we’ll need funding to nurture this effort. Your contributions will allow us to market in today’s online-focused environment, keep Hebrew School tuition as low as possible, provide infrastructure improvements to our classrooms and sanctuary, and broaden the success of Rock Shabbat by exploring and developing new innovative Jewish experiences.  This is l’dor vador – Hebrew for: “Generation to Generation.” Help us move to this new Judaism. Members of the the TRT Board of the Directors have already contributed over $30,000 and they’ve challenged the congregation to surpass that. Make your legacy here as we prepare for the next generation and make the experience richer for all generations.

Please Help

Your contribution to the Temple Rodeph Torah L’dor VaDor campaign will help us launch this important initiative.  Please use the form below to make your tax-deductible contribution by check mailed to the TRT office. To pay by credit card, please click here.