Isaac Gandelman

Isaac Gandelman


Social action is a wonderful way to join people together and make new friends.  But social action is also an important part of a community, for getting the word out there allowing new members to know that we are here and how they can join.  What does community actually mean to me  . . . nothing short of a way to contact people, bring them together and have a good time together.

What does TRT mean to me?  Why I like this school is easy.  TRT is always welcoming to new members and home for old members.  Going to school here makes me feel like I am part of a large family where warmth and hugs are always there.

My Personal Code for Living

First, let me explain what I think a personal code for living is – it’s the way you put things together. Think of it like a puzzle, except with your mind. You think of ways around a situation or how to solve that situation. Also, a personal code doesn’t just apply to you every once in a while, but applies to every part of your daily life. Your code allows you to make your decisions, whether it’s choosing ice cream flavors or perhaps something more drastic; it’s about behavior.   
People are a strange form of life — they talk, laugh, learn and pray.  They also love and understand. These traits could be personal codes for an individual.  Everyone, including me, has a set personal code. 
My personal code enables me to make decisions. Yes, not every decision I make is going to be good but I can fix those mistakes and make the best out of it. That’s an example of my code in decision-making. For others, if their decision is bad, they may simply say sorry, or perhaps they make a good decision in the first place: it’s different for everyone. Your decisions aren’t going to present themselves in only bad situations; they’re going to be with you in every situation… good or bad. For the girls, your code of decisions may impact how you choose what to wear at school. A guy’s code of decision affects how often they choose to shower.  What I’ve learned about decision-making is that what I choose will show everyone the type of person I am and how that will be effective in the future.
Now my brain is different from everyone else’s brain. Therefore, that’s going to set my learning code differently from everyone else’s. Meaning, the way I learn or consume information is going to be different. Think about all the ways of learning — reading, watching, and hands-on learning. Let’s say I put one person in each of the categories, all covering the same topic. Now you have people learning about the topic but differently. One is reading about it as the other feels its texture. Knowing that one’s learning code is different from another is totally ok; it’s also going to show the kind of person you are mentally.
Your personal code sets you different mentally. So what else could that mean — it’s also how you act. The way you act to your parents, friends, and how you act in public. Hopefully, you act appropriately and mature but I can’t promise that every child is going to be perfect.  I know from my learnings and decisions that I may not be that perfect child, but I still choose to be the best I can and be as mature as I can be. That very saying describes my attitude as my personal code.
Even though not many people look at themselves this way or think of having personal codes, I do. My personal codes represent me and only me. That doesn’t include flying, or my hobby time, but it does include my mental state; a place where only I can control what I do. I strive to do more in how I act and how I make my decisions along the way. 
Now it’s your turn — find out what your personal code is and how it impacts your life now and in the future.