Hope: My Dreams for the World of the Future by Sam Sugarman

SamSThe world we live in is certainly one of great uncertainty, and what lies in the future is not guaranteed for me. Despite this, I have expectations and dreams for the world that I would like to see come to fruition. One of these, something I have been taught my entire Jewish life and considered to be one of the obligations of Jews is tikkun olam. In the future, it would be incredible if not only Jewish people could “repair the world”, but people of all religions and backgrounds.


The world is undoubtedly not in the shape it should be and with the combined efforts of the entire international community, the progress would be that much better. Another thing I would like to see in the future is an increased religious tolerance for everyone. I constantly hear of fights and a variety of other conflicts due to religion. It is outrageous because religions have been around for more than two centuries and were not designed to create conflict. Every man and woman would be able to tolerate others beliefs and not persecute someone specifically because they were brought up differently. Although freedom of religion is something expressed in the first amendment, it is not always present in society. In addition, in the future I dream of a world where you can feel secure no matter where you are. Numerous times in my life I have felt unease simply because of the location I was in, but to have a safer, more secure environment would eliminate insecurity and hostility in me. I do not want my natural reaction to a stranger to be one of unfriendliness, but rather of welcoming. All these things I hope that we, as a global community, can achieve in the future. These things may seem to be small changes with little effect, but they could transform things for the better.