Hope- Ian Katsnelson

Ian K


Ian Katsnelson

Hope – My Dreams for the World of the Future

The more I sit and deliberate my hope of the world in the future, the more I realize what hope really is. Sure, we all dream for peace, and success; but what I dream is far simpler than that. I dream, that the place that we call Earth, will still be a life-supporting dwelling. Now, I may seem like a crazy doomsday-prepper, satan-worshipping tenth grader; but truly, I hope that Earth will not become a desolate planet, with cockroaches living in humans’ footsteps. The world that we live in, unfortunately, has become one that revolves around conflict. Whether it be conflicts of interests, or conflicting ideals, society today encompasses itself around these very concepts. Personally, I have an entire folder of “apps”, or applications, on my phone, dedicated to solely inform me about the dire state of my planet. Unlike most teenagers I know, when I wake up, the first thing I see on my mobile, infamous, computer (aka iPhone), is the list of breaking news that occurred overnight around the world. I have to admit that waking up and seeing “Train derailment in Ohio”, pop up on my phone, isn’t the most pleasant thing to wake up to, but I choose to start my day this way, so I understand the world I live in better. Preventing from being desensitised from such events completely is not something simple, but it is important, and I hope that the world of the future will realize the same. Yes, I do hope that the cliche of a perfect utopian society will exist, with no problems such as hunger, poverty, and un-education; but this is unfortunately impossible to exist. There has always been such in society, and as weird as it sounds, it actually does contribute into a proper and functioning world. There will always be those who make the wrong decisions in their lives, but I dream that these will soon become a rarity. Conflicts throughout the world have become an instituted part in the lives of billions. One heated topic of conflict that many Americans today are scared about, is the constant threat of terror. What too many do not realize, is that terror is an ideology, an ideology that thrives in communities of fear. Now, eliminating such ideology of terror, is basically futile, but I dream that the fear associated with terror will be a thing of the past. And, with that, terrors will be a blurb in the digital textbooks of the future. Where does Judaism play into all of this? Judaism, to me at least, is an identity beyond just religion. As I have learned in our Rabbi Confirmation Class, that antique scroll behind me right now, is much more than a compilation of stories and drama; it is a guidebook for advice on morals, and actions in one’s life. I’m not talking about the animal sacrifice part of it, but instead, I’m talking about how the Torah advises during the times where we, humans, blunder. So, my last and final dream of the future, is that Judaism remains as the eternal dying religion; and that more and more students will be able to join the path of further education through l’dor, vador, as we all have at TRT, so that one day, one day, when I wake up and glance at my phone, there won’t be any disaster headlines at all. 🙂