History- Mark Rivilis

Mark R


Mark Rivilis
History – My Path to Confirmation

I still remember my first day at TRT. My sister was already going to TRT, and my family forced me to do the same. I remember walking in to my second grade class, and seeing all these new happy faces. This was the first day of my journey to Confirmation.

After the second grade, I made it my goal to become more involved with the Temple. I continued with my Jewish education, and joined the temple youth group. By this time, I really started liking being at the temple, so I continued on. I kept going through third grade, fourth grade, and on and on. I met new people along the way. Some joined the temple, and some left. This made me feel as a part of something.

Eventually, came my Bar Mitzvah, and I thought I was done. I felt that once I was a Bar Mitzvah, I would not need to come to temple any more. I considered stopping, but eventually, I realized that this was wrong. I realized that I wanted to continue with Judaism, with the Temple, and with everything else. So I moved on to the Hebrew High School, where there were even more opportunities to learn about Judaism, and well as get involved with the community. At this point I knew that I would not stop my Jewish education until my Confirmation, and would keep being involved with Judaism.

Once I finally made it to my confirmation class, I was excited. I finally made it to the year when we were going to go on the RAC trip, and more. This is the year that was supposed to be exciting. Even though we did not get to go on the RAC trip, I hung in there, because I knew I almost made it. And finally, I did.

            Even though we are finally, here, this is not the end of my involvement with Judaism. I will continue to do as much for my community as I can, and will keep Judaism with me forever.