History – How I Got Here; What Was My Path to Confirmation? by Zack Goldring

ArielBI have been studying Hebrew and attending Hebrew school since I was in fourth grade. I had just recently moved, so I started religious school a year late and I was behind. After some effort I was able to catch up with the rest of the grade, although, because of my late start, I needed to push my bar Mitzvah back several months. My birthday is in January, but the set date of my bar Mitzvah was in June. To be honest, I really wasn’t going to complain about it being pushed to a warmer month.

. After my bar Mitzvah I was positive that I was done with Hebrew school. It was just like adding an extra two hours of dreadful education that I already experienced through the day. But then, I looked around at all the wonderful people I had met and all the amazing experiences that it brought me, I couldn’t let go of that. I talked to my friends and they all agreed with me that it would be the best decision to continue our education into Hebrew high school. At first we pretty much did it because of our friends, but after a while we realized that it had much more to offer than just giving us time with classmates. The lessons we learned in the classes were ones that not only applied to Judaism, but to all aspects of life. Other than that, the opportunities that it provided us, like the trips to Camp Harlam, allowed us to meet new people, have fun, as well as learn more about my religion. The RAC trip was by far one of the most wonderful experiences that I have ever had, and most people would never have the opportunity to do something like that, but because of me wanting to continue my education and be confirmed I was allowed to experience these life-changing endeavors.