History- Allie Beutel

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Allie Beutel

History – My Path to Confirmation

If you asked me how I got here, I would tell you to start at the beginning. My path to this Jewish milestone really began with Abraham and Sarah, and with Moses leading my people from Egypt to the promised land. Without my ancestors, I never would have made it here in the first place, or had a Jewish community to grow up in. In more recent history, my twin sister and I moved to Marlboro when we were 3. Soon after that, we joined Temple Rodeph Torah and our mom began working here as a teacher. We were consecrated and began a decade-long journey through the history, language, and culture of Judaism. During these 10 long years in Hebrew school, our grade grew into a close community who will love and support each other no matter what, and the temple became like a second home to me. Much of my growing up has been done in this building, especially when I was a part of both junior and senior RTSY. Some of my fondest memories in this temple have been made while eating sushi at a RTSY board meeting, having meaningful midnight discussions during a shul-in, and spending time with friends at RTSY or NFTY events. I know that the people I’ve met here will have my back even through hardships (like this year’s RAC trip debacle). Through both Hebrew school and youth groups, I have formed an unbreakable connection with this temple and my confirmation class that I know will stay with me even through college and my adult life. Even more importantly, I have developed a unique Jewish identity and a strong relationship with my faith. So if you were to ask me how I got here, I would tell you: I got here through 10 years of hard work in these classrooms. I got here by developing a lifelong passion for my Jewish culture. I got here through telling my ancestor’s stories and continuing their legacies. But most of all, I got here because this is where I was meant to be.