Koach – What I Learned about Jewish Values from the RAC Experience by Jason


The RAC trip to Washington, D.C. was an amazing experience for me and I am so glad I had the incredible opportunity. It was so cool being with all the Jewish teens from around the country. I had no idea there were so many of us. I learned so much from this trip.
First, the homeless men that spoke with all of us were so inspirational. They really taught us that we need to be more grateful and appreciate what we have. Everything we complain about is nothing compared to what they go through each and every day..

Another experience that taught me about Jewish values was when we visited the Holocaust Museum. Learning about the Holocaust in public school and Hebrew school couldn’t even compare to what you see in this museum. You got to see the cars that the children and adults had to be crushed in together for days or weeks and videos of the Holocaust survivors. We also got a chance to read some of the Holocaust children’s diaries. Everything had such a large impact on me and I am sure that the museum had an impact on others also. No one knows how these people felt and what they had to go through unless they were there themselves.

Lastly, we ended the trip lobbying for different topics on Capitol Hill. I felt that my topic really had to do with Jewish values because I was lobbying for America to continue helping Israel financially. Also, I lobbied to make my Congressman consider an Israeli-Palestinian two state solution.  Others lobbied for gun control, anti-bullying in schools, and the right for women to have the choice of abortion.

In conclusion, the RAC trip to Washington, D.C. taught me a lot of Jewish values such as being more appreciative and grateful. Also, I got a closer look at what the Holocaust was like and I learned how to lobby and how important it is. Once again, I am so glad I had the opportunity to go on this incredible trip.