TRT Gala Celebration Refund Request

Due to the coronavirus and the unknown future ability for us to gather together, a decision has been made to hold a “VIRTUAL” online Gala Celebration in honor of Rabbi Donald Weber and Rabbi Shira Stern on their retirement. This celebration will take place on Sunday July 12th at one o’clock in the afternoon.

We would like you to consider the following information and choices below in regard to your Gala Celebration ticket. Please note that $36 will be deducted from the $136 prepaid per person ticket price for incurred expenditures and contractual obligations. You can choose to:

  • Receive a refund of $100 per ticket purchased
  • Donate a portion of the $100 per ticket purchased
  • Donate the full $100 per ticket purchased

Please indicate your choice below.  Note that this choice is *per ticket*, so if you purchased multiple tickets, your choice will be applied for each ticket.