Ethics: My Personal Code for Living by Jason Rubin

JasonREthics, to me, are someone’s morals. Morals are what they think is right versus wrong, and what they believe should come first, over everything else. Also, my ethics are very simple: as long as I am not hurting someone else, in any way, shape or form, my ethics aren’t being broken. In addition, you must have a standard of morals in which you have to choose what comes before everything.

In my life, my family comes first because I know they will always be there for me. After that comes school because it affects your whole life and also shows many of your characteristics as a person. I believe my religion is the next most important. It has a large impact on my life in how I was raised, how I will raise my children, and on deciding my ethics and morals. After that, the next most important thing in my life is my friends because they have my back and help me with my everyday problems, which only other teenagers would understand. These are the people and things that come first in my life.