Ethics: My Personal Code for Living by Adam Petty

As with anyone, my morals play a large part in the actions I take in life. Most choices I make, from the smallest decision to a life-changing action, are considered carefully, taking into account possible ramifications and benefits. My ethics have, like most things, been affected by Judaism greatly. Judaism has shown me what a huge difference a small person or action can make. This past month, our confirmation class went on a trip to Washington D.C. with the R.A.C., or Religious Action Center, to speak with the very people who make laws in the United States.


We spoke to advisors for Senator Lautenberg, Senator Menendez, and Congressman Holt. The idea that a fifteen year old kid from suburban New Jersey can go into the seat of power in the lone superpower nation in the world and tell the leaders of the country what they need to change and why is something that is hard to believe. It is true, however, and just goes to show you how influential every person, decision, or action can be. I spoke to Congress about the DREAM Act, an act of legislature that helps children of illegal immigrants born in the United States become full citizens. Without this act, they would live very underprivileged lives without being treated as the natural-born people they are. One of the main principles I have learned from Judaism is to help those that are in need. I have consistently brought tzedakah to religious school, from third grade up until this year. I donated a portion of my Bar Mitzvah money to Mazon to help those who do not have the benefit of having food on the table three times a day. Giving to the needy is an excellent thing to do, and is something I plan to continue. My ethics, my “code” for living, plays an essential part in every day. Judaism plays a huge part in these morals. Therefore, Judaism plays a huge part in each day, and that is how I plan to live the rest of my life.