Erica Wiener

Erica Wiener


As I learn Torah, I am gaining an understanding of the philosophy of Judaism.  By studying Torah, I realize that if I make a commitment to it, I will only benefit from it.  The studying of Torah has exposed me to stories that teach life lessons.  Judaism is not only a religion; it is a way of life.  It provides me with the guidelines necessary to live a fulfilling life.

What Does Confirmation Mean To Me?  Confirmation means that I have reached maturity.  It marks a point in a person’s life when they reach maturity and have met all the necessary requirements to do so.  Being confirmed means that an individual has learned their responsibilities as a Jewish adult and is willing to accept their obligation to observing the commandments.


What Happens When I Pray

  When I pray, I feel very relaxed. Praying gives me a feeling of safety and satisfaction. I enjoy praying on the holidays to thank God for the wonderful things God has done, both to the world and my life. God has been so influential to me by affecting how I live my life. When I make important decisions that will have a great impact on me later in life, I think about the teachings of the Torah and Jewish ethics. My morals are very important to me, and they are based upon Judaism’s teachings. When I pray, I am reminded of my morals and my connection to Judaism. When I pray to God in school, it helps me calm my nerves before I take an important test. I thank God for things I’m grateful for in my everyday life when I pray at services. When I pray, I feel like God is there, helping me solve my problems. Even if people don’t notice it, when they pray to God to help them out with a problem, God listens and helps them through it.

  Prayers are important because they play a large part in our connection to God. We use prayers to show God that we are thankful and to bless other people. God may not always, if ever, respond, but Adonai listens to our prayers. Knowing that God is listening is a very comforting thought. Even praying every once in a while is fine. You don’t have to pray every day to get God to listen to you.

  When I take nature walks, I look at the scenery around me and think about how Adonai created the world. God put so much effort into the world and when I’m walking, I like to pray to God for the beauty of nature. Praying is so satisfying and I believe it can help a person mentally. All prayers are important whether they are spoken out loud or silent. God accepts all kinds of prayers and recognizes the importance of every single one.