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Tori Richman

Community – What It Means to Me to Be Part of This Temple and Part of the Jewish People

            As anyone who joins the temple, I consider it as my home. This temple allows its member to flourish into a more mature and spiritually advanced person. When a person first joins the temple, they are welcomed with open arms into our regular routines. Then they are included in our new and innovative way to pray, Rock Shabbat. I am proud to be able to regularly attend Rock Shabbat. Being part of this temple means that I am able to become more spiritually advanced, which I can hope to be for the rest of my life. I have grown so much since I joined the temple, and not just physically. I am now a more mature woman of the Jewish people. I now understand the necessity for Tzedakah and performing mitzvot in everyday life. The teachers and fellow students I have met in the temple also helped in my maturation. I know that I am always able to ask the teachers for help and support. I have also made lifelong friendships here that I can count on in times of need. I know that when I joined the temple, I joined a new family. I have come to appreciate this new family because of the people I have met and the things I have accomplished. So, the temple is like a home to me where, the teachers and its member have allowed me to mature.

            Being a part of the Jewish people makes me a better person and allows me to define myself in a positive way. Although being part of the temple and part of the Jewish people are quite similar, being part of the Jewish people, as a whole, is about connecting to my heritage. I understand that it is crucial to carry on traditions. Moreover, being proud to be Jewish is a key part in being part of the Jewish people. This is due to the fact that all Jewish people have to acknowledge the terrible injustices that our ancestors went through. It is then the job of the current Jewish people to not let it occur again. Due to practicing the Jewish religion I know how important it is to give Tzedakah and help as many peoples I can in my life. However, the Tzedakah should not be limited to anyone because being Jewish means that you are willing to accept and help everyone. It is also not restricted to only helping people due to the fact that practicing Tikkun Olam is a major factor about being Jewish. So, being a part of the Jewish people means that I become one with my Jewish ancestors while following Jewish morals and commandments.