Carly Weinstein

Carly Weinstein

Social Action

The main purpose of social action is to give back and essentially help those who cannot help themselves or are in need of assistance.  Many people throughout history have been strong advocates for social justice and have influenced many other individuals into following in their footsteps.  Social justice, to me is assisting those who have no way of assisting themselves and devoting my own time to helping other people.  By doing this, we’re promoting a positive change in society while feeling good and doing good.  For the past few months, I have participated in a program called the Sandy Teen Fellowship.  We help rebuild homes that were severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy while also learning vital leadership and social skills.  Through this program, I have gained confidence and have strengthened my ability to interact with others.  I have learned how to effectively work with my peers and come up with possible solutions to an issue without getting into an argument about it.  I have learned more about Jewish values and the true meaning of tzedakahwhile working with others to find solutions to problems that face our community.  This program works continuously to give back to those who don’t have as much as we may have while educating the participants on how to bring about effective change in society, as individuals and as a group.  That, to me is the true meaning of social justice.                                                                                                                                              

What Does Confirmation Mean To Me?  For me, being confirmed is a huge milestone in my life and is validation that I am determined enough to have made it this far in my Jewish education.  Becoming a bat mitzvah symbolized my first step on an extremely long, yet amazing journey.  I chose to continue on to Hebrew high school to become more knowledgeable about my religion.  Yet, I never expected to learn so much while being a part of an amazing Jewish community.  Every moment here with these amazing people has defined me as a person and challenged me while teaching me important Jewish values.  Confirmation is finally being able to recognize my potential in the Jewish community and being able to shape the world in a Jewish way.

What Does TRT Mean To Me? 

Being a member of TRT and a part of the Jewish community as a whole has a significant role in my life. There are so many valuable lessons that I have learned here that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I love surrounding myself with everyone here, and the warm and inviting environment makes learning 100 times more exciting. I have met so many amazing people and have learned so much through some of the challenging courses taken here. Making the decision to continue my Jewish education by attending Hebrew High School has been extremely rewarding, to say the least. I genuinely loved and looked forward to coming here once a week to learn more about my religion and Jewish values. TRT will always play a vital role in my life because of the many years I’ve spent here, and the enthusiastic environment that has kept me motivated for so long.

My education at TRT started in 3rd grade. I always loved coming to class and facing whatever new challenges awaited. Learning was never boring, and I was always interested in becoming more educated in the topics we discussed in class. When I heard about the opportunity to continue my learning experience here by attending Hebrew High School, I didn’t even have to think about whether I wanted to do it or not. I knew that whatever we would be learning about, our teachers would somehow make it fun and interesting while providing us with valuable life lessons. I have been inspired to make changes in my community and have learned a lot about changing the world in a Jewish way. I have learned so much about Judaism over the past few years and have been able to think about what Judaism means to me, and how it affects my life.

Judaism is extremely important to me. Growing up in a Jewish household was exciting for me, and every holiday gathering gave me the opportunity to show off the very little Hebrew I knew to my entire family. I love being a part of the Jewish people, and I cherish every moment spent here at TRT with my friends. TRT has given me a place where I can openly express my opinions and feel completely comfortable in a learning environment. I feel like we all have become so close over the years that we’re practically family.  I don’t know where I would be without this group of people, and for that I thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today. I am immensely proud to be a part of the Jewish community and a member of Temple Rodeph Torah.