Cantor Lisa Levine

Cantor Lisa Levine is a nationally renowned composer, recording artist, author, poet and worship leader. She is the composer of a number of pieces in TRT’s choir and Rock Shabbat repertoire. She characterizes her blend of talents as a ‘Songleading Cantor.’

Cantor Levine began playing guitar at the age of 8. She was influenced by the Reform Jewish Youth Movement and was a NFTY Song leader where she was mentored and inspired by Debbie Friedman. She earned her B.A. in Music from the University of California, Irvine, where she was a featured soloist on three International tours. She studied at Hebrew University and the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem and at Hebrew Union College-JIR DFSSM in New York She was Ordained with a Masters in Sacred Music in 1989.

Cantor Levine has served in various communities around the country as a full-time Reform cantor for 30 years and received her Doctorate in Sacred Music after 25 years of service to the Jewish people in 2014. She serves congregations across the country as a guest artist and as artist in residence. She has built bridges between people of all faiths and cultures with her Jewish Gospel style songs. Her catalogue includes 9 CDs, 5 songbooks, hundreds of original compositions and the book/CD/DVD “Yoga Shalom.” Her poetry appears in multiple publications, including the (WRJ) Women of Reform Judaism Torah Commentary, WRJ Centennial Books and GMUH Lombardy Voices Poetry Journals. Her most recent CD, “Bridge To Peace,” is inspired by her work in chaplaincy and Jewish Renewal.

Cantor Levine’s first collection of poetry “Heart of Light” will be published in July and features the artwork of famed songwriter Julie Silver.  She is a certified Yoga Teacher and is currently offering Yoga Shalom classes via zoom!


Here are a few representative examples of Cantor Levine’s music showing the breadth of her talent:

Studio recording of a contemporary setting

Live recording of Cantor Levine singing a duet

Live recording of a traditional High Holiday setting


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