Bar/Bat Mitzvah Resources

As your child’s Bar/Bat Mitvah approaches, we hope these tools will help you through the process!

(please note that there may be some changes due to Covid-19)


BM Calendar – What Happens When                                                                  BM Prayers and Melodies

BM Honors List – Morning                                                                                  View prior BM Services here

BM Honors List – Havdalah

BM Blessing for Relative

BM Letter for Photographer

BM Bima Basket Guidelines

BM Dress Code for Bima

BM English Reader’s Letter

BM English Reading

BM Al Shelosha Devarim   (

BM Letter for Aliyot

BM Aliyah (Hebrew / Transliteration/ English)

BM Dress Rehearsal Checklist – Morning

BM Dress Rehearsal Checklist – Havdalah

BM Weekend Checklist








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