New Member Discount Programs

Temple Rodeph Torah (TRT) offers several discount programs for new members.

First 6 months FREE!  No Dues or Building Fund

Membership dues are waived for the first 6 months, for families of all new Religious School students.  Building fund payments are also deferred during the first 6 months.  The only fees due during the first 6 months are tuition for religious school or pre-school programs.

In addition, if you join the temple between May 1 and September 1, there are no fees for that summer.  We do this to encourage families to join as early as possible, to let us estimate the number of new students entering the Religious School.

Group Discount

TRT provides a substantial discount if a group of 5 or more families apply for membership together.  The discount is 25% off of all expenses for month 7 through month 18 of the membership (there is no additional discount for the first 6 months, because those months are already discounted by the “6 Months Free” membership program which applies to all new members).  In order to qualify as a group, all the families must indicate that they are joining as part of a group and apply within 1 week of each other.

Grandparent Program

A grandparent of a child in our Religious School may become a member at a highly discounted rate of $100/year ($200 for a couple).  This membership includes High Holiday tickets and all other temple privileges.  Parents of adult members of the congregation (even if there are no grandchildren in our school) may also utilize this discount.