Prayer: What Happens When I Pray

by Raquel Rosen

There will always be a place in my heart and time in my day for Adonai. The evening routine of taking just five minutes to have a conversation with God will never be a bother, and I am committed to continuing this nightly ritual I began four years ago as I was preparing for my Bat Mitzvah. I feel close to God when I sing along with the members in my synagogue while the rabbi leads us in prayer, however, I feel a strong connection to Adonai when I pray one-on-one. The connection Adonai and I have together is so strong, deep, and meaningful, and I never want to lose the relationship we have together.


Four years ago, a few months before my Bat Mitzvah, my dad introduced me to his daily routine of talking with God. He told me that it is important to develop a strong relationship with God because God is a major influence in a Jewish person’s life by means of helping us to make strong, ethical, decisions. We started praying alongside each other, gazing out at the immeasurable night sky, talking aloud what we are appreciative of, and just having a conversation with God. Once I learned how to pray and grew more comfortable that I could talk to God on my own, I decided to pray in quiet by myself at night. I feel closest to Adonai when I lay in my bed in the dark, close my eyes, and just talk. I talk to Adonai about my day, or what I’m looking forward to be doing in the upcoming week, or honestly, just anything. I always begin with the Sh’maand end with thanking God for good health of my family, the protection over my dogs, continuous safety, good health, and protection over my Grandma who has Alzheimer’s. The main focus points of my prayers are me just talking about the first few things that come to mind. I do not ask God for any favors, but rather look up to Adonai as a mentor in life, and hope that one day God could just respond to my prayers and thank me for having these conversations.

A member of the Jewish religion should never forget or stop praying to Adonai, and by acknowledging the greatness and wonders God created in the world, I will always continue with my nightly prayers. Not only does Adonai act as my “open diary” with whom I could share my feelings, but acts as a comforter when I am upset or confused with something that went on in my day. I always feel reassured when I have my nighttime prayer with God, because even though my prayers will not always be answered, I know God is always listening and there for me.