History: How I Got Here; What Was My Path to Confirmation?

Jennifer Koppel  by Jen Koppel

How I got here: Confirmation is here and it is surreal. Confirmation is a journey and mine started when I was born with Israeli blood. My grandparents on my dad’s side came to Israel when they escaped World War II, then moved to America about 50 years ago. Since then, I have always felt it was my obligation to dig deeper into my heritage and that is how I ended up at Hebrew school many years back. My intention was to just learn about some holidays and songs, then be done with it. I couldn’t have been more naïve.

I learned very early in the process that once you start, there simply is no stopping… whether you like it or not. Fortunately, the close bonds that I created with my peers as well as my teachers influenced me to continue my Hebrew studies. In particular, Mrs. Klein had paramount significance in my decision to continue to Hebrew High up to Confirmation. Even from the first year, there was always something to be prepared for. We started small then worked up to the Bat Mitzvah preparation. My experience was definitely… interesting. I’ll never forget how uneasy and unwilling I was and how close it came to ending my journey here. This point in time was nothing but emotional between my parents, friends, and me, as they did not want this to be something I regret. I do not say this aloud often, but I am so thankful to have such a strong support system always looking out for me.

Once I finally became a Bat Mitzvah, I was prominent on walking away there… or so I thought. Soon after I found myself enrolled in Hebrew High and now I am being Confirmed – something I never thought I would be doing until I realized how much learning is still left to do and I also wouldn’t be able to leave such extraordinary bond. I’ve grown to enjoy, and look forward to coming to Hebrew school and I am so thrilled to have grown up with such a unique experience in religious school.