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High Holiday Sermons

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High Holidays 5778

Erev Rosh Hashannah - September 20, 2017

The Questions that Bind Us  -  by Rabbi Don Weber

        Accompanying song by Cantor Joanna Alexander, Helen Goldstein and Sharon Aptaker with Suzanne Moore on                  piano: United by our Common Questions. One Voice by Ruth Moody as sung by the Wailin' Jennys © 2004 Ruth                  Moody

RH Evening

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Rosh Hashannah Day 1 - September 21, 2017

Faith Without Fanaticism  -  by Rabbi Don Weber

           Accompanying song by Cantor Joanna Alexander and Jacob Spike Kraus with Suzanne Moore on piano: Hello God             by Craig Taubman © 2010 Sweet Louse Music

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Rosh Hashannah Day 2 - September 22, 2017

And God said: Modeling Difficult Conversations  -  by Rabbi Shira Stern

            Accompanying song by Cantor Joanna Alexander with Suzanne Moore on piano: Treasure Each Day by Yitzhak                 Husbands-Hankin © 1993 Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin 

Shiras Sermon 09 22 2017

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Erev Yom Kippur - September 29, 2017

The Soul That Is Missing from Our Services - by Rabbi Don Weber

        Accompanying song by Cantor Joanna Alexander with Suzanne Moore on piano: If Not Now by Carrie Newcomer                © 2010


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Yom Kippur - September 30, 2017

     Responding to the New Antisemitism - by Rabbi Don Weber

           Accompanying song by Cantor Joanna Alexander with Suzanne Moore on piano: If Not Now by Sheldon Low                       and Hadar Orshalimy © 2016

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High Holidays 5777

Words Matter by Rabbi Shira Stern 10.4.16

words have power

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"A New Approach to Jewish Services: Prayer as a Door," by Rabbi Don Weber

 Could we have been looking at services all wrong? What if the goal is not to get to the end, but to find inspiration along the way?


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"Our Own Jewish Inheritance" Rosh Hashanah Day I sermon by Rabbi Don Weber

Let's stop worrying about who is "really Jewish," and discover the best way to use the Jewish inheritance which has been given to each of us.

rh day 1

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A Beautiful Heart - Rabbi Shira Stern

Erev Yom Kippur 5777

love heart 105743899

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Israel, Body and Soul - Rabbi Don Weber

Yom Kippur Day 5777

Israel, still a "young country," needs to be protected and nurtured, not shunned. Rabbi Weber draws on his experience as a teacher and a student of history to propose three new initiatives for our community.

israel flag

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High Holidays 5776

Erev Rosh Hashannah 5776

Prayer is Hard

Our new High Holiday prayerbook (mahzor) helps, but prayer is still difficult - for everyone.  Given by Rabbi Don Weber​


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Rosh Hashannah - Day 1, 5776

Murphy Is a Liar

"Murphy's Law" is important for rocket scientists, but Rabbi Weber suggests a better way for the rest of us to see the world.  Given by Rabbi Don Weber​

Webers Postulate

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Rosh Hashannah - Day 2, 5776

Finding Joy in the Sadness: Moving Forward with Grief

In order to begin healing the grief we feel when those we love have died, we need to find a way to bring the joy with us on the journey – not just the sadness. Given by Rabbi Shira Stern

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Erev Yom Kippur 5776

Sweet Pain

"Choose Life!" is a challenge to embrace the life we have, not the one we wish for. Given by Rabbi Don Weber

uvacharta ba hayyim

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Yom Kippur Morning 5776

Anti-Semitism on the College Campus

Today's college environment requires a better foundation for Jewish teenagers before they arrive on campus. Given by Rabbi Don Weber

stainless jewish star david pendant CDL P8904ch

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High Holidays 5775


Rabbi Weber addresses two charges against Israel: That the West Bank settlements are the major obstacle to peace, and whether Israel has committed war crimes against the citizens of Gaza.

Relevant maps and quotes are shown here, in order of their presentation:

Lebyl Fein Quote

The Levant

UN Partition 1947

Israel Post War 1948

Israel after the Six Day War 1967

Israel Missle Warning Map

Thomas Friedman on the Middle East Today

Israel Flag


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Erev Yom Kippur / KOSHER SPEECH

hebrew-national t Being aware of what comes out of our mouths is much more difficult than monitoring what goes in. Rabbi Weber challenges us to spend a day – or more - trying to speak without hurting others.

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Rosh Hashanah Morning II / After the guns go silent, so do the voices of our children

Rabbi Stern addresses gun control.  As Jews, as people of faith, as decendants of prophets and as people who are well acquainted with the destruction evil people can inflict on innocents; it's time to stop the carnage.

Isn't it time to pay attention and listen for the voices that are silenced?

Sandy Hook School

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phpU0Fe7aAM Rabbi Weber traces his family’s path to America. Does your family history affect your view of today’s immigrants? 

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Lift Up Your Eyes, and SEE

The Book of Genesis is not really about creation; it is a call to SEE.

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High Holidays 5774

Israel and the Arab Spring

A response to the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Movement based on facts, not rhetoric.

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A Compassionate Community

To be a compassionate community we need to remember - and accept - our own pain.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is not a goal; it is a result of what we choose to do.

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Passion and Joy

Passion and Joy can inspire Jewish life. An invitation to a conversation with Rabbi Weber.

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Analog Conversation, Binary Conversation

We embrace our humanity when our conversations are analog, not binary.

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High Holidays 5773

Making Our World More Fair - Today - YK 5773

A blunt assessment of how much our government gives in "handouts" to each of us, and a very "unorthodox" suggestion about how we can help those who receive less. The result of this sermon was a Yom Kippur food drive that collected 13,590 pounds of food in one day.

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How Will We Be Remembered? - Yiskor 5773

The results of a survey of people over 95 years old, and what the results mean to us at Yiskor.

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Public Faith, Private Faith YK 5773

We automatically assume that those who display their faith publicly are "religious," and the rest of us are not. Some thoughts about why neither assumption is automatically correct.

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Judaism Without Guilt RH 5773

It's time to stop using guilt to motivate Jewish action. Rabbi Weber's suggestions for better, more compelling reasons to "do Jewishly."

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Packing for the Future RH 5773

The world is changing faster than ever. What Judaism offers that is worth taking with us into the future.

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High Holidays 5772

Embracing Tzedakah

Rabbi Akiba, along with Rabbi Weber's father and grandfather, present a model of giving which makes sense and which calls us to respond.

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Embracing Israel

Rabbi Weber contrasts life in Israel with that of its neighbors. Without whitewashing Israel's problems and challenges, he illustrates that there is a lot to be proud of and a lot that is worthy of our support and love.

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High Holidays 5771


Rabbi Weber's unusual approach to prayer: will it work for you?

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Finding a Way to Forgive

Forgiveness is often possible, but is it desirable? And is it worth the effort? Why forgiving others helps us as much as it helps them.

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Reform Jewish Pride

"I am a Reform Jew because I have a brain and a heart." Acknowledging that Reform Judaism has weaknesses, too, Rabbi Weber calls on us to be proud of who we are as Reform Jews, and explains why.

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Secret of Happiness

It seems so easy to be satisfied and grateful, but it isn't. Nevertheless, it is the secret of happiness and worth the effort. Why we need this now more than ever.


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High Holidays 5769

Creating A Caring Community

As the financial crisis grew and deepened, Rabbi Weber called on us to respond by using our skills to help our neighbors. The result was the creation of TRT CARES, our award-winning social action program.

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