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    Rabbis Don Weber and Shira Stern and Cantor Joanna Alexander


    Three Seminars:

    Sundays, December 4 and 18, 2016

    12:30 – 2:30 p.m.


Three seminars offering different conversations on Jewish Genetic issues. Participants may attend one, two or all three; there is no charge for the series, and it is open to the entire community.


* December 4: “What’s in Your Genes?” Genetic testing for couples planning to have children.

Jewish genetic diseases are devastating, but preventable. One in 4 Jews is a carrier for at least one of the 30+ genetic diseases which affect people of Eastern European ancestry, but that does not have to stop anyone from giving birth to healthy children. The Victor Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and testing Jews for genetic diseases, and their speaker will guide this conversation.

Open to prospective parents and grandparents, and to anyone wishing to learn more about this subject.


December 4th :"BRCA" and beyond- What's new in testing and management of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer 

Genetic Counselor, Michele Horner, will provide an overview of risk factors and genetic causes of inherited risk for breast and ovarian cancers including recent advances in testing technology; more recently identified genetic risk factors; when to "retest" if negative in the past, and current options for risk management, risk reduction and treatment.


* December 11: “Breast Cancer in the Jewish Community”

Jewish women, and to some extent men, of Ashkenazi ancestry have a much higher rate of BRCA gene mutations than the general population. Early onset breast and ovarian cancers carry serious consequences for patients and their loved ones, and detection is key to treatment. At the same time, screening for the BRCA mutations raises ethical and moral challenges for our entire society.

St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick has received funding to research and educate about these issues, and their representative will initiate this discussion.

This seminar is not for women only. It is for everyone who cares about relatives, friends and the community at large.


* December 18: “Exploring the Jewish Connection to Parkinson’s Disease”

In recent months the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has begun a survey to determine the frequency of Parkinson’s Disease among Ashkenazi Jews. Come hear this report on the initial findings, and what has been learned so far. Participants will be given the opportunity to take the survey during this Seminar, as well as to learn about cutting-edge research into this disease.


These sessions are free and open to the community. Advance registration is required.


To register for this course, please go to

or call the temple office, at 732-308-0055.