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As Reform Jews, we feel empowered to make choices about our religious practices and engagement in synagogue life.  Yet, despite everything else vying for our time, some of us still chose to remain actively Jewish and involved in temple activities.  Why? 

Our stories, our passions, our beliefs - to explain why we remain ... Hopelessly Jewish

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More About Being "Hopelessly Jewish"

October 2012

Here is an excerpt about being "Hopelessly Jewish", extracted from my High Holiday speech to the congregation.

We live in a society that seems indifferent to whether or not families are involved religiously, a society that honors selfish greed almost as much as altruistic giving.   A society that over-schedules and over-commits, rather than stepping back and cherishing all that we already have.  

Yet, in the middle of all this, many of us find ourselves engaging with Judaism, focusing on thanking God for what we have and appreciating the beauty of our world.

Why "Hopelessly Jewish" ?

September 2012

Brion Feinberg - Sept. 2012

As president of Temple Rodeph Torah in Marlboro New Jersey, I spend 2-3 evenings most weeks working on various temple committees or addressing specific issues.  With a full time job, temple activities take up all my spare time.  Only because I want to, I attend Saturday morning minyan services, and I never miss a Friday night Rock Shabbat service. 

Sometimes I wonder - wouldn't it just be easier to become less involved?  I already struggle with my belief in God and doubts about the validity of my faith.  Couldn't I just redirect my time to other "hobbies"?