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Scheidt Seminar Was Fantastic

April 2011

The Scheidt Seminar was fantastic. The information was extremely helpful. But it was so much more than that. There was something special and magical, far beyond just the mechanics of learning together how to better lead a synagogue. We spent the full day on Friday working together with other presidents running similar sized temples. By late afternoon, we were friends, and we enjoyed sharing our stories and ideas with each other.

And then it was Shabbat ... 

and a beautiful service outdoors, overlooking the hotel grounds. Something magical happened. Because it isn't just about managing a temple and supporting Judaism. It's about loving Judaism, with a hundred other people crazy enough to love Judaism enough to agree to be president of a temple. It's about feeling something incredibly spiritual as we sang together. It's about the holiness of what we are doing.

I am excited and energized to come back to the congregation and leverage what I learned and felt during the weekend. I feel a renewed purpose and drive.

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