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Why "Hopelessly Jewish" ?

September 2012

Brion Feinberg - Sept. 2012

As president of Temple Rodeph Torah in Marlboro New Jersey, I spend 2-3 evenings most weeks working on various temple committees or addressing specific issues.  With a full time job, temple activities take up all my spare time.  Only because I want to, I attend Saturday morning minyan services, and I never miss a Friday night Rock Shabbat service. 

Sometimes I wonder - wouldn't it just be easier to become less involved?  I already struggle with my belief in God and doubts about the validity of my faith.  Couldn't I just redirect my time to other "hobbies"? 

No, I can't. 

It isn't that a part of me doesn't want to have this extra freedom.  But when I think of doing anything else - of spending less time searching for meaning in my life - I just can't imagine it.  Judaism has become integral to who I am.  Although as a Reform Jew I feel empowered to chose to be involved less, to observe less - even to care less - I choose not to.

And so I created this blog.  To share my thoughts about being "Hopelessly Jewish".  And I hope that others will contribute and share their stories.

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