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February 2014


Welcome to our second annual Rock Shabbat Fundraising Concert!
Wow, what a year it has been! Last year we held our first Rock Shabbat fundraising concert and with the approximately $6000 in proceeds, combined with the generosity of our wonderful Rock Shabbat Sponsors, we were able to hold another amazing year of once-a-month Rock Shabbat services with a variety of guest artists. This year we have invited our first female artists, including Naomi Less (in January) and Beth Schafer, who will be with us in May. Because of the popularity of Rock Shabbat we decided to try a similar aesthetic for a Rosh Hashanah service and created "Rock Hashanah." That service, with guest artist Jules Frankel, was amazing - one of the best worship experiences of my life.

We want to continue this worship, and continue experiencing new and different artists. To do this we need your help and support, and it is going to be easy and fun.
On Sunday March 2, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. we will have our 2nd Annual Rock Shabbat fundraising concert. We are bringing back guest artist Steve Dropkin, who worshiped with us in March of 2013. The concert will include students from the Center for a Jewish Future, along with members of our junior choir and Rock Shabbat Band! Steve is a New Jersey original who now lives in California, and is coming back just for this concert with us. He is the composer of Al Shelosha Devarim, which all our B'nai Mitzvah students sing with their friends, along with many other favorites. The concert will be fun, spiritual and inspiring, and with your help we will again be able to support another year of Rock Shabbat services. 

Join the fun! We have tickets, Back Stage Passes and packages that include CD's and T-shirts. And don't forget to show your support for the concert and for Rock Shabbat by buying an ad in our concert journal. Whether from your family or from your business, I would love your partnership in this.

You can check out Steve's music in advance by going to  

The amazing worship experience which uplifts and inspires and connects us to God is ours to attend every month at Rock Shabbat, and now Rock Hashanah offers us a brand new way to experience the community of the Jewish New Year. Please help us continue these programs with your support. 

Looking forward to Rocking out with you on March 2nd, and all year long!

Thank you,

Cantor Joanna Alexander

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